Stepper Motor Controller with joystick and end stop Switches.

This Project is based on Easy Stepper Driver Module controlled by Arduino Nano board. the original project (by Brainy-Bits)  is based on Uno but in order to make the PCB as small as possible, i have used Arduino Nano. all related headers for Stepper Motor and end stop switch is placed on top of the PCB.

Depends on your type of End Stop Switch, please make sure that pins of switch module is as per the PCB header ( Gnd | +ve | Sig)

The project can be used in various areas. one of the interesting area is the window curtains. you can place the stepper motor in addition to toothed belt or gear assembly to control the movement of Curtain.

The center push button of Joystick is used to change the speed of rotaion.


Full Loaded PCB PCB Design in Eagle Schematic



Arduino Code   :   Download

Schematic       :    Download

PCB File          :    Download